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Artist : Woodkid 
Song : Do You Love Me After All [demo version] [2014]


Brand new!

So it’s just a demo version — the quality is so-so — but on the “About” on YouTube, Woodkid says he’s going to make more music. Given that his debut album is my favorite album in the last few years by a wide, wide margin, this is really exciting to me.

Sia - “Burn the Pages”

Hell of a track. Easily one of the best on the new album, definitely something I “sing” in the car.

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Sia - “Fair Game”

"Burn the Pages" was my immediate favorite from 1000 Forms of Fear, but I think "Fair Game" may ultimately be my favorite.

The Jacksons - “Can You Feel It”

In honor of the Red Sox walk-off (but moreso, the “let the children play” movement with the rookies storming the lineup), I am feeling it.

Seated dancing in my bed right now. I’m fucking whooped.

Weezer - “Only In Dreams”

I chose the Cowboy Bebop music video to post for this song because 1.) Cowboy Bebop is awesome and B.) it was made by a dude who made anime music videos back when I was a teenager with a Dragonball Z website on fucking Angelfire. Yeah. I entered some contest on his website and won a sweet prize pack. Thanks for that.

Anyhow, this song is eight minutes of excellence.

Kelis - “4th of July (Fireworks)”

I figured, hey, why the fuck not.

If you need me, I’ll be fagging out in the shower.

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The Doves - “Pounding”

In a Doves mood.

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Des’ree - “You Gotta Be”

Y’all don’t need Jesus.

Y’all need Des’ree.

I hope she’s a card in the 90’s nostalgia pack of Cards Against Humanity cards I just ordered.

John Mayer - “Kid A” (Radiohead cover)

See what I’m sayin’?

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John Mayer - XO (Beyoncé Cover)


John Mayer | ‘XO’ (Beyoncé Cover)

John Mayer recently posted an acoustic cover of Beyoncé’s single ‘XO’ to his soundcloud page - and it’s kind of good…like really good. 

You can purchase Beyoncé’s ‘XO’ on iTunes NOW!

I almost prefer John Mayer as a cover artist.

His cover of Radiohead’s “Kid A” is choice, an absolute piece of audio ambrosia.

(via incrediblyradlad)

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