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Sia - “Fair Game”

"Burn the Pages" was my immediate favorite from 1000 Forms of Fear, but I think "Fair Game" may ultimately be my favorite.

The Jacksons - “Can You Feel It”

In honor of the Red Sox walk-off (but moreso, the “let the children play” movement with the rookies storming the lineup), I am feeling it.

Seated dancing in my bed right now. I’m fucking whooped.

Weezer - “Only In Dreams”

I chose the Cowboy Bebop music video to post for this song because 1.) Cowboy Bebop is awesome and B.) it was made by a dude who made anime music videos back when I was a teenager with a Dragonball Z website on fucking Angelfire. Yeah. I entered some contest on his website and won a sweet prize pack. Thanks for that.

Anyhow, this song is eight minutes of excellence.

Kelis - “4th of July (Fireworks)”

I figured, hey, why the fuck not.

If you need me, I’ll be fagging out in the shower.

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The Doves - “Pounding”

In a Doves mood.

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Des’ree - “You Gotta Be”

Y’all don’t need Jesus.

Y’all need Des’ree.

I hope she’s a card in the 90’s nostalgia pack of Cards Against Humanity cards I just ordered.

John Mayer - “Kid A” (Radiohead cover)

See what I’m sayin’?

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John Mayer - XO (Beyoncé Cover)


John Mayer | ‘XO’ (Beyoncé Cover)

John Mayer recently posted an acoustic cover of Beyoncé’s single ‘XO’ to his soundcloud page - and it’s kind of good…like really good. 

You can purchase Beyoncé’s ‘XO’ on iTunes NOW!

I almost prefer John Mayer as a cover artist.

His cover of Radiohead’s “Kid A” is choice, an absolute piece of audio ambrosia.

(via incrediblyradlad)

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Mariah Carey - “Always Be My Baby”

If you’re lucky, you’ll live your whole life and die and be done with it all having never been trapped in the car with me when this came on.

Because I will sing every word and it will not be on key. I will not hit a single fucking note.

This applies for almost any Mariah Carey song, except “Fantasy” because I’m afraid that dangerous animals might come running if I even attempt that first screechy high note.

Emmanuelle Seigner & Yuksek - You Think You're A Man


Artist : Emmanuelle Seigner 
Song : You Think You’re a Man [Yuksek remix]
Album : You Think You’re a Man - EP [2014]


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