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Nick Jonas - “Jealous”

So. This is the Jonas that got wicked hot. And now he’s apparently got a song that sounds like what Justin Timberlake’s music would be if it could find its way out of an elevator.

Shit’s gonna blow up. I don’t even hate it.

The Knocks - “Classic” ft. Powers

Jam du jour.


Artist : Thomas Barrandon 
Song : A New Hope 
Album : The Quiet Earth [reworked version] [2014]

facebook | soundcloud | bandcamp

Beyonce (Cover by chonthenomad) - Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)


sounds like some serious final boss music

(via drewthelinguaphilegeek)

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Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra - “Lost”

"Nothing’s ever lost forever
It’s just hiding in the recess of your mind
And when you need it
It will come to you at night”

Speaking of things that come at night, I had a dream last night in which I was aggressively pursued — sexually — by a very muscular werewolf. This werewolf did NOT miss leg day at the gym. Good for you, werewolf.

Anyhow, I was running away from the motherfucker and his wolfy advances after he tracked me down leaving a Whole Foods.

What does it all mean?!

Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (80's Remix)


like a million times better than the original


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Super Mario Bros. Theme (IncredFx Remix)

Download it free here (You have to ‘like’ the Facebook Page)

Track by IncredFx

This is awesome. I think Max agrees because he’s humping me to the beat of it.

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Vitamin String Quartet - “Paint It Black”

This is pretty epic, nah? You gotta let it unfold, tho. You gotta let it do what it’s gonna do.

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Artist : Woodkid 
Song : Do You Love Me After All [demo version] [2014]


Brand new!

So it’s just a demo version — the quality is so-so — but on the “About” on YouTube, Woodkid says he’s going to make more music. Given that his debut album is my favorite album in the last few years by a wide, wide margin, this is really exciting to me.

Sia - “Burn the Pages”

Hell of a track. Easily one of the best on the new album, definitely something I “sing” in the car.

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